“Curran’s Catholic school girls join a coming-of-age genre that hasn’t seen such attention since the 1950s, when ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘A Separate Peace’ were published…Think ‘Lord of the Flies’ without the island…(T)he book is so racy it piques people’s curiosity about other links to real life.”
–Laura Shin

Los Angeles Times

 “Arresting first novel about a Milwaukee 15-year-old and her two best friends, the ‘sluts of Sacred Heart’… Curran adds punch to her story with occasional passages based on the format of teen magazine cover lines, like ‘first sexual experience by star sign’ or ‘first kiss.’ But what makes it sing are the lyrical descriptions of the intensity of those first times—including first betrayal by a best friend—and the aftermath of ‘remorse . . . grit and shame and a broken,nameless joy.’  Quick-moving, cleanly written: a promising start for Curran.”

Kirkus Reviews