The Writing Show

If you’re in Richmond on Thursday, April 30, I’ll be participating in The Writing Show. You should come on by.

This week’s topic is Building A Writing Career: Literary Magazines, MFA Programs, Writers Conferences, Contests and the Necessary Art of Rejection.

I’ll be sharing the panel with the lovely and talented Thom Didato, editor of and Mary Flinn, editor of Blackbird. Both are fantastic online publications and Blackbird was kind enough to publish my short story, “The Boss’s Boyfriend,” a few years ago.

Should be an interesting discussion. I’m looking forward to what everybody has to say.  A lot of changes are going on in the industry and I’m curious to see what the editors have to say about it. 

For instance, I’m starting to wonder more and more, why don’t authors just publish immediately to the Internet?  Will the Kindle change publishing?  Will people post their manuscripts directly to their websites and have people download them for a small fee?  Or like what Stephen King’s doing with the Internet and self-publishing?  Who knows….all I know for sure is that changes are coming fast and furious.  

I work at daily newspaper for my day job.  It’s the biggest newspaper in the state.  And we’re seeing massive changes on a daily basis with users going to the Internet.  A year ago, we thought print wouldn’t go away.  Now, elimination appears imminent.  

Book publishing is much slower and probably won’t see the changes as soon as we are…but I can’t help but think the waves of change we’re experiencing at the newspaper will come to book publishing eventually.

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