Love Stories

I did love stories for work all this week. Oh, I love a good love story. I had so much fun.

I interviewed 10 local couples about how they met and how they kept it going.

The best part was hearing the difference between the new couples and the ones who had been at it for a while.

When asked, “What is love?,” most of the new couples said things like: “Never settle…don’t give up…it’s amazing…it’s just meant to be.”

Whereas the couples who had been together said things like: “You’ve got to be willing to work at it…Don’t sweat the small stuff…” and “Bite your lip.”

My favorite answer from the interviews:

When I asked “What makes your relationship work,” Patience, a mother of four, said, “A little magic.”


You can read all of the interviews here.  Click on them by date to read the whole week.

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