“Restructuring:” The Home Version

Now that I’ve gone flex-time, it’s time to start thinking seriously about money and ways to save it.

My office has been “restructuring” for the past two years.  Or is it “reorganizing”?  I’ve heard both.  Anyway, it’s a nice word for “massive layoffs.”

Having a small child at home and a decreased pay check means we started “restructuring” too.  Here are our big developments.  I will try to put a positive spin on them like they do at work, meaning that it’s not a loss to cut back on stuff, but a personal gain!

-Sold my car to the biggest d-bag I’ve met since high school.  He was twenty-five and had a gold pinkie ring.  It was glorious.  Now get to drive a circa 1984 Volvo with a jumpseat (yes!) and no air-conditioning.*

-Got rid of the land line.  Now need to stand in the alley behind the house to take personal phone calls, but hey, at least no more phone call solicitations. 

-Terminated the premium cable channels.  Then got it reinstated on my b-day for $10 a month.  It’s “True Blood” that did it, if you want to know the truth.

-Put the house on the market.  Because we enjoy cleaning up every night and leaving the house in “show” condition every morning.  It’s fun!  Time well spent!

I guess that’s it.  Which doesn’t sound so bad really.  I made my parents pay for summer vacation, which wasn’t very nice but felt so good.

* Actually, my husband took that car and lets me drive the car with functioning a/c.  That’s why I married him.  Not for the moolah, but because he’s sweet.

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