A Portrait of the Kids

It occurred to me that maybe you haven’t met the two biggest people in my life. So maybe it’s time to make introductions.


Age: Four and a half years.

Likes: Running in the park, playing with his friends. Making art. Dancing. Stamps, stickers. Monkey Joes. Angry Birds. Rihanna.

Dislikes: Grapes. Dino Dan.

Favorite color: Purple.

Personality: He likes to laugh. He sings little songs to himself. He is handsome. And my favorite person to be with. I really like his company. I like his voice and his little stories, the things he says, what he notices about the world. I like to photograph him all the time and post the pictures to Facebook. It is cliché.  A cliché inside a cliché wrapped in cliché paper. But it makes me happy. Because he is full of joy — laughing, singing, spreading his arms out to the world. To be around him, that’s joy too.

Plans for the summer: Swimming. Learning how to ride a bike. Trip to Wisconsin. Running in sprinklers.

Baby Gus

Age: 11 months

Likes: Bottles. Banging things. Cars. Quiche. Walks in the stroller. Bathtime. Pulling your hair, yanking the earrings right out of your ears.

Dislikes: Peas. Green beans. Bedtime.

Personality: Patient, kind. Shakes his head from side to side when he’s happy, which is often. Giggly, grunty. Curious.

Plans for the summer: Scooting. Swimming. First birthday. Chocolate cake. New teeth. Learning how to walk?

We are going to be busy. And I’m excited.

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