Summer Beach Reads 2012

Every summer needs a good book.

Here’s what I’ve read this summer and really enjoyed:

1. Rules of Civility

Loved the jazz age setting, the insidery details of New York, the love stories, the friendships. Blew through it in a day or two. It ticked all my summer beach read boxes: fun, engaging, well-written and happy.

2. Commencement

I almost put this down, but then stuck with it. Even though this was published in 2010, I just read it this summer on Kindle loan. Steamy love affairs, strong female friendships and an honest portrayal of life at an all-girls’ college: rife with same-sex flirtations, weight gain and finding your way in the world.

3. The Paris Wife

Will this ever come out in paperback? Honestly. Give us a break, publishers.

But still, I read this last summer and whenever anybody asks me for something good to read, I tell them “The Paris Wife.” I really wish it would come out in paperback so that I could buy it for everybody.

Wonderful characters, evocative setting, and a whole new side of Ernest Hemingway. I love Hemingway, but I really got swept up by this fictional re-telling of his first wife Hadley and her life with the famous writer. Fantastic!

What are you reading this summer? I’d love to hear it.

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