Thoughts on Frankenstorm

Things I’m thankful for today:

-My kids

-Fall colors

-Time to write/be by myself


The Frankenstorm, also known as Tropical Storm Sandy, is headed right our way — and probably for you, if you’re reading this on the East Cost.

A transplant to the South, hurricanes were new to me.

When I was in grad school, hurricanes were basically an excuse to throw a big, huge party because the power always went out and there was nothing else to do. So many hurricane parties. So many fun nights cooking on a gas stove, people coming in and out of the door.

My husband, to this day, gets excited whenever a hurricane approaches. I think he still thinks he gets to have a party.

“You know everything is different now, right?” I ask him. “We have kids.”

Then his face falls.

Last year, during Hurricane Irene, a 40-foot tree fell on our house and crumpled the roof like a tin can. It took a week, ten lumberjacks and a giant crane to get it off. I kid you not. Or at least I think they were lumberjacks. Out here, we call them “tree people.” Seriously.

But nobody got hurt. Nobody died. And thank God for home insurance. This is where being a responsible adult isn’t such a bad thing.

So now, I’m waiting, like everybody else, for the storm to hit this weekend. I hope to God another tree doesn’t fall on our house. I hope we don’t lose power. I wonder if we should buy a generator. I hate to spend money on a thing like that.

And I remember the time Gaston flooded our whole town and we lost power at our house in Church Hill for 12 days. The whole neighborhood smelled like barbecue because everybody was cleaning out their freezers. We did the same, grilling in the backyard, staying out there for a long time, into the evening, my husband reading to me from the light of an old gas camping lantern.

I love to listen to him read.

There are still reasons to party. To celebrate. In a different way. And I like it just the same.


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