A Wedding in the Bahamas

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with writing….

But I love a good vacation blog post. So here it goes.

We went to the Bahamas for our friend’s wedding in January. And it was amazing.

It was a dream. A dream inside a dream.

Now it’s all over and I can barely remember it.

But this is what it looked like:

The groom’s parents have a house on Long Island in the Bahamas. A tiny little island in the Caribbean with little tourism.

The house where our friends put us up. Right on the beach. I’ve never stayed in a house like this in my life — but I’ve always dreamed it.

The beach in front of the groom’s parents’ house. His dad sits in that yellow chair every day.

Me and the hubs in paradise.

The rehearsal dinner at the groom’s parents house.

The beach where our friends got married.

We’d been to our friend’s first wedding, which was a gorgeous, lush, huge, beautiful affair with about 100 people in Maine. Which was totally fun and wonderful, by the way.

But this one, his second, was just a small group of people — 12 of us total — wedding party and all. The bride and groom got married on the beach with the setting sun behind them. They wrote their own vows and what I remember most is how they pledged to be each other’s best friend and everybody cried because it felt real and honest and true.

And it made me think about Altared, the collection of wedding essays I edited. Because it struck the same sort of chord.

Such a different wedding than his first. This wedding — just 12 of us on the beach for four days, drinking and laughing and talking and swimming — was so much more like the groom himself. Casual and laidback and real and just fun.

And just like the weddings the writers talk about in Altared, it wasn’t like any wedding I had ever seen before — it was a wedding that was thrown on the bride and groom’s own terms — and that’s what made it feel so right.

It’s still a dream to me now. A shared dream. But still.

So maybe this post is about writing after all….


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