iPhone & Fiction Writing

This is what I did in my off-hours all summer.

Read my manuscript on my iPhone while my five year old jumped into the community pool over and over and over again.

And I loved every single minute of it. Seriously.

For someone who works and has kids and is still trying to write fiction, I feel pretty frustrated and aggravated most of the time. Always feeling like I’m doing one thing when I should be doing another thing.

But I got an iPhone for the first time this year and the only reason I waited so long is because I’m cheap but holy moly, I love that thing. Mostly because you can read your own documents on it.

Reading your manuscript on your iPhone at the pool while hanging out with your kids is my new definition of heaven.

Kid time + pool time + writing time (sort of, revision time anyway) put together = bliss, people, near bliss!

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