I apologize for the absence. I wasn’t enjoying the way the site was looking and wanted to make some updates and I couldn’t figure it out, so I closed it for a while.

Also, I want to be honest and tell the truth, and that’s very hard to do sometimes without pissing off everyone in your life, including your spouse and employer. It’s a tricky situation.

That’s why I like writing fiction, you can just let it rip.

But I finally got a minute to myself to put the blog front and center, and added a new page for some of the newspaper stories I write for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. You can check them out here.

And I’ve got a bunch of other little things I’d like to post. Some fiction things, some working mom things, you know.

Basically, I just need a creative outlet or I feel like I might explode.

I get terrifically embarrassed by everything I write. But it was always this way. I just forgot.

So, anyway. Here we go, to try again….


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