TV Show Ratings Based on Second Screen Usage

Here’s something different:

“No second screens,” my husband says. “Stop second screening!”

It’s a bad habit: watching TV and checking my phone for texts, Instagram updates, whatever. And it’s on the rise. Studies show that 87% of people now second screen when they watch TV*.

Because sometimes, TV is so bad, you have to second screen. Also, I’ve found, second screening can make any bad TV show good.

I give you, TV shows and how good they are based on second screen usage. A totally personal and non-professional report.


0%: Awesome, A+, five stars, *****

5%-25%: Still a great show, highlight of my week

25%-50%: Instagram is kinda better

75-100%: Why am I even watching this?

Game of Thrones: 75%

This season is back to oddly-dressed people talking for long times in rooms or in the snow. I think it’s time the war finally happened. Because honestly, I’ve lost the plot. Second screen!

Silicon Valley: 10%

I don’t want to miss one second of these nerds.

Fortitude: 0%

I am riveted. I am rapt. I love Iceland or Finland or wherever the heck they are. And weird plague-induced zombies.

Happy Valley: 5%

Sergeant Catherine Cawood is a bad ass, my hero. Just a little Instagram, like just the tip of Instagram.

Outlander: 95%

Basically I’m second screening until the sex scenes.

Shows I’ve watched in the past with minimal (0-10%) second screen time:

Transparent, Catastrophe, The People vs. O.J., Bloodline, Narcos (a little higher second screen), Cucumber.

What else deserves putting down the second screen?

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