11 Things I Learned from Living in an Apartment with Children

  1. White carpet + children = The Devil
  2. I like having a gym nearby and will use it.
  3. Three floor walk-up with groceries is not fun. But the leg workout!
  4. Getting maintenance jobs accomplished takes one phone call instead of months of planning, trying to do it yourself, and ending up calling a contractor/fix-it-guy who will triple charge you at your home.
  5. The children will wear you down.
  6. The children will fight. And fight. And fight.
  7. You will feel like saying, all the time, Too close, too close, too close. To everyone who enters your apartment.
  8. Without housework/yardwork, there is literally nothing to do on the weekends because I’m old.
  9. Dinner parties are out. And that’s not exactly the worst thing.
  10. Any place can be a prison.
  11. The evenings are loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. And whiny.

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