House Progress Six

My house is starting to look like itself again.

The cedar siding that was broken has been replaced and painted. The downstairs windows that were smashed were switched out and the upstairs picture window that shattered was entirely taken out and replaced with a new double paned four-paneled piece.

The garage took the biggest hit in the storm. The falling tree split the structure in half, taking out one wall and the entire roof. We were originally told the garage was a total loss and tear down. We loved that garage and it’s unique, octagon-like shape — it’s the first thing you see when you pull into the driveway and flows right into the main house with its series of angled roofs and shapes.

Luckily, our contractor worked some crazy magic and was able to save the structure.  He peeled off the crushed roof, reinforced the one wall that was hanging off at a 60 degree angle and rebuilt the  broken wall from top to bottom. He also put in two new windows, a brand new roof and two new skylights. Which is how it looked before, only better.

Originally I was told that skylights in the main house weren’t manufactured anymore and would have to be replaced with clear skylights. But that would drastically change the temperature in the house and the quality of light.

Our contractor found a way to mold and recast the double-frosted skylights. They were installed just last week and this is the the first time my roof hasn’t been tarped since July. That light! I truly missed it. That, to me, is one of my favorite things about the house: the light in it.

The kitchen cabinets were installed last week. And the quartz countertops went in. I haven’t gotten to spend too much time in the kitchen yet, but whenever I touch the surface, cool and smooth, I sort of freak out a little, it’s so thrilling.

Lots more work has been done over the past few weeks including drywalling, painting, installing a new HVAC, sanding and polyurethaning the upstairs floors, installing new recessed lighting in the living room and adding a new vanity and bath cabinet in the master bath.

The upstairs looks like my house again.

This week, the focus will be on the downstairs. The damaged parkay has to come up, the carpet has to go in and the entire sun room roof is going to come off and be replaced.

It will be very telling, whatever happens this week, whether we can move back in by Thanksgiving or not. There is a lot to do. It will be extremely tight and I’m trying not to get too tied to Thanksgiving as a move-in date.

Because regardless, I’ve felt a change in myself ever since my house started to look like itself again.

The more repairs are made, the more I come back to myself.

I’m not the crazy, broken thing running around, feverishly trying to put my life back together after its collapse.

At least, not at the moment.

I’m becoming myself again, I hope. However briefly. In fits and starts.

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