House Progress Seven

The roof came off the sun room today.

Life is so surreal lately.  For so many reasons, but this is just one of them.

The sun room roof is finally being fixed, four months after the storm. It seemed like such a small thing, the damage, the edges of the roof crumpled up like a tin can from the tip of the falling tree. But there was no way to fix it. The whole thing had to come off. And be replaced with a new one.

Now that’s done, the new carpet can go into the sun room and the downstairs floors can be replaced.

My furniture is set to be returned and delivered next week.

Right now, the house is a total mess: the floors are still ripped up, the bathroom tiles are broken, the bathtubs are coated in grime and dirt, all the sockets have wires poking out of them, door jambs are cracked and some doors are missing completely.

But I don’t care. It’s time to move back in.

Thanksgiving or bust.


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