House of order…or KonMari this

What’s been going on since we moved back into our house.

New Chase Decker painting

For my birthday in July, Francis asked if I wanted to get a sitter and go out for a nice dinner.

I said, “I want to get that big Chase Decker from Warsaw. And to stay home and enjoy it.”

That was before three trees crashed into my house and flooded it with water. On my real birthday, my family of four was living in a hotel room and everybody was going crazy. The kids were fighting non-stop, my house was crushed, and we were so worried about money and contractors and insurance that we could barely get out of bed.

But now, here it is: the painting, my belated birthday present.

And I think I love it even more for what we had to go through to get it.



I’ve been at Target so much lately, I might as well move in. I went to all my “mom” stores, as I like to call them, in one day: AC Moore, Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Pier One, Kohl’s, Target, Costco and then to another Target to get what the first Target didn’t have.

It was a marathon of house shopping. And I loved every single minute of it.

I’ve been wanting to do this for four months, to replace everything that we lost in the storm. But I couldn’t because we didn’t have anywhere to put it.

My husband tried to call and talk to me while I was shopping at HomeGoods and I said, “I’m in my element. Let me be!”

And then I continued shopping for drawer organizers, mattress pads, coffee pots, wicker trash cans and the more important things in life.


Organize obsessed

After being in chaos for four months, I’m obsessed with order. I’ve never been this organized in my life.

I bought utensil organizers for all my drawers, lifts for my spices, mini-shelves for the pots and pans and a lazy Susan for my pantry that I have an irrational love affair with. I don’t know how someone can love a plastic container so much, but I do.

I tried to KonMari my sock drawer, but that took an entire morning and I said to myself, I’m a working mom whose house got destroyed, I don’t have time for this bs.

(Although in all honesty, I really want to have time for it. I’m totally intrigued by it. Maybe one day…)

It’s probably time to throw in the “organize it all!” towel and call it a day. Shove everything into a closet and put my feet up.

I can’t control what’s going to happen to us. I can control some things, up to a certain extent, but not everything.

I can’t control if another tree is going to hit my house or not. And I’ve got to come to grips with that.

My experience has been but a blip on the horizon of human suffering. I know that. There are things so much worse than this: tsunamis, strokes, cancer, drugs.

Those are tragedies, while this is just a problem that takes time, money, and energy to solve.

And I’m trying to solve it. With or without KonMari.

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