A Richmond couple in their 30s tested positive for coronavirus. This is their story.

Joseph Papa, 37, and his husband, John-Stuart Fauquet, 38, haven’t been feeling well for a week. On Tuesday, they got the test results and found out why: They tested positive for the coronavirus.

They live in Richmond’s West End but spend much of their time traveling back and forth to New York for work. Papa is a book publicist and had book launches in New York and Philadelphia over the past few weeks. Fauquet works in executive recruiting and spent a few days in the beginning of March in his New York skyscraper office.

Before the calls for social distancing were issued, they had traveled to New York and Philadelphia for work and attended the Quirk Hotel opening in Charlottesville on March 5.

They were feeling fine until late March 12, when Fauquet came down with a fever. The next day, Papa followed. They had similar symptoms: fever, fatigue and shortness of breath.

“I hear the symptoms feel differently for everybody. But for us, it was strong fatigue, exhaustion, and shortness of breath,” Papa said.

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