How some moms and frontline workers are balancing work and parenting in a pandemic

“Our patients keep thanking us for our service. They feel that, in their words, ‘We didn’t sign up for this.’ While it’s always nice to be appreciated, we are healthcare providers. We took an oath to keep patients safe from harm. It’s our duty. It’s exactly what we signed up for. While it’s certainly nerve-wracking to show up for work, it’s what we do. It would never occur to me not to that. I’m proud to do that. I’m proud to do what we do, what women have always done: to get the job done.”

“One of the hardest things has been seeing how worried my children are for me. I have lupus and am immune comprised. I know that my risk is very minimal and I think I’ll be fine. But they don’t need to be worried. I tell them, ‘Mom has this.’ Mom has this under control, as moms do.”

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