On the set of ‘The Good Lord Bird’

Ethan Hawke and Mark Richard sat under a tent in the middle of a Powhatan County cornfield on a blistering morning in mid-August, watching Steve Zahn run through a scene from “The Good Lord Bird,” the new Showtime series filming in Virginia.

“I’m gonna gut you like a yellow-bellied pig!” Zahn boasted to a Western saloon full of drinkers.

Hawke and Richard laughed.

Since mid-July, they’ve been camped out on the film set in Powhatan where an entire Western town has been constructed — complete with a two-story hotel, a saloon, offices, cabins and dusty streets — in the middle of a cornfield.

The set was hot and dusty and really felt like a Western town, with extras in period costumes fanning their hoop skirts up and down to catch the breeze in the stifling heat.

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