Richmond architect Ernie Rose built rare, modern houses. I get to live in one.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately…like many of us of here in Virginia and across the nation.

Luckily, my house is my favorite place to be. I fell in love with it from afar and had a house crush on it.

It’s a modern house, but different than any I’d ever seen.

I used to walk by it in a small lakeside Bon Air neighborhood when my youngest was a baby, pushing the stroller. I’d crane my neck to get a good look at it: tucked away in the hollow of a hill. The house was all angles, blue-grey wood siding and windows facing the water. It was different than any house I’d ever seen: private, strange, and artistic. Every time I saw it, I thought: what would it be like to live there?

One day, I saw the For Sale sign on my morning walk. I practically ran home, pushing the stroller before me, and Googled the house, out of breath. It was at the very, very top of our buying range, but just barely within reach. I said to myself: I have to have it.

We called our agent, put in a bid and after a small bidding war and a crazy amount of luck, it was ours.

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