Whores on the Hill

Whores on the Hill is the story of three girls — Astrid, Juli and Thisbe — growing up at the last all-girls’ school in Milwaukee. 

Whores on the Hill was selected as a May Must Read by Glamour magazine.  It was picked by NPR as a “Best Debut.” The Boston Globe called it
“…an honest, poignant, beautifully written story about teenage sex, from
a young woman’s point of view.”






Demon Ride

We stood, the three of us, Astrid, Juli and me, between the ping pong table and the wet bar in the basement of somebody’s house.  Astrid tapped her serrated nose with one black fingernail, the dimpled nose that gave her face a feral, cat-like expression.  She flipped up her collar, preppie-style, and eyed a dark-looking, tough guy sucking a shot of Jagermeister off an ice luge dripping in the utility sink.

We were fifteen.  The world hadn’t even started for us yet, only Astrid taught us to look at the world slant-wise.  She cut her wet, almond-shaped eyes at Jagermeister kid and said, “Okay, sure.  Like, that’s him.” 

“You want him?”  Juli asked.

And we were walking. Read more….




The sights, the sounds.

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What people are saying about Whores on the Hill:

“(R)emarkable first novel…an honest, poignant, beautifully written story about teenage sex, from a young woman’s point of view…The book is raw and explicit, but it has a kind of sweetness, too, as the girls, innocent in so many ways, struggle toward adulthood. Curran’s writing is fresh and authentic, with a singular rhythm that perfectly suits her subject.”
–Diane White

“Bitter, funny, wise and poignant, these risk-takers grow up the hard way and their toughness is only a cover-up for the pain of making the trip from girlhood to womanhood without fracturing their essential hearts of gold.”
-Carole Goldberg

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Editora Record
Original English
First American version
Final English
Final American version


  1. Hi Colleen, I also have come across your work. Originally I wanted to call my book SACRED HEARTS, but saw that you already had a work under that title & with the same name. That really would have been confusing! Yes, I have his email. Can you send me your email address & I’ll email it to you?


  2. hi Colleen,
    I am the Northern Colleen Curran Playwright and Novelist, while you are the Southern one. There have been quite a number of incidents where my book was mistaken for yours—and now I see that someone named Malcolm Henty in England wrote to you because of my play TRUE NATURE which was about Mary Anning. Would you happen to have his e-mail address by any chance? All the best! COLLEEN CURRAN


  3. Like Annia, I wanted to be Astrid when I first read the book 5 years ago!

    I adore the book, Colleen! It is huge among “punk rock” girls here in Brazil! Congratulations!


  4. A friend gave me this book when I turned 15. The characters are so beautifully constructed, Astrid was all I wanted to be when I was 15, so confident and punk rock! rs, almost 5 years later I’m still in love with your book, and your writing! Thank you soo much, great book!!!


  5. I loved this book! Stayed up all night reading it! My only qualm/question involves the Southside strangler.

    The book described him of having a cobra tattoo. Jerome had a gold snake on his jacket, and as Thisbe described it, I was certain a twist would involve him being the strangler. Was this just a coincidence?


    1. He was going to be the Southside Strangler in an earlier draft. You’ve got a great eye! Thanks so much for your note. Best wishes!


  6. Colleen, I live about 5 miles from where Mary Anning found fossils. I run a small childrens theatre group in the village of Axmouth East Devon. We do plays in our little village hall to raise money for charity. Our kids are aged 10 – 15 is there script avaliable for True Nature which i could adapt for them to perform?
    I would be very interested as this is a local story. We have just done a true life story of a WW2 evacuee. We are not professional and do it to keep the kids interested and off the streets.


  7. Im a senior at Divine Savior Holy Angels high school in Milwaukee. The place in which this book takes place. Even though this book was written before i ever entered DS’s halls, i still feel connected to these girls because their stories are ones that i can view in my classmates. I appreciated this book’s honesty.


  8. I just finished Whores on the Hill and loved it, though it also made me sad. I just have one little quibble with it (I grew up in Wisconsin, down the road a bit from Milwaukee). I know Milwaukee had (maybe still has) open enrollment in its high schools, but if Thisbe lived in Wauwatosa, how was she finishing her senior year at Milwaukee West? Shouldn’t it be Wauwatosa East or West? Literary license, I guess.


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